• EBB AND FLOOD EF230 £150.00

    The benefits of the Ebb and Flood system

    Bigger Yields

    Consistently feeding little and often, combined with a highly oxygenated root zone, means a healthier plant and larger yields.


    Experienced growers can control the number and duration of feeds to suit their specific growing environment and maximise yields.


    Use any growing medium - clay, coco, rockwool or soil - with or without pots.


    Range of system sizes to suit any grow room – from 70cm x 60cm up to 2m x 1m – all systems are low level to maximise headroom.

    Ebb and Flood Hints and Tips

    Golden Rule: Keeping a dedicated flood diary is the key to massive growth and yields. Note the number of floods compared to the amount of solution needed to top-up the system each day. The amount of solution used is directly related to rate of growth; maximise consumption and maximise growth.

    By experimenting with the number and duration of floods, growers will find the optimum number of floods for their growing environment. The flood diary can then be used as a guide to take the guesswork out of growing and achieve bigger yields time after time.

    •If using clay pebbles treat the Ebb & Flood as a re-circulating hydroponic system and top up the tank every few days with half strength nutrient solution.

    •If using an absorbent medium, the aim is to minimise run off and top up the tank with full strength nutrient solution.

    •When using pots in Ebb & Flood, space the pots as required and cut holes in the correx top plate for them to sit through, this will keep light out of the root zone. Cover the base of the planter with spreader mat to allow the roots to grow out of the pots and onto the mat.

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