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Welcome to Growlights Warehouse

Our aim is to bring alternative gardening techniques to the mainstream horticulture market. Right from the start we believed that our customers and colleagues should be treated as we would like to be treated ourselves and from day one this policy helped us to overcome challenges and emerge as one of the leading companies in the alternative gardening industry.

We supply innovative, specialist growing equipment to an expanding customer base across the UK and Europe. We’re based in the heart of Essex, with premises located conveniently for customers to visit our trade counter, as well as providing good access to our delivery network.

We stand out from other companies in our industry with our total commitment to customer satisfaction and our highly developed IT infrastructure, which allows us to process and dispatch orders quickly, efficiently and with the absolute minimum of problems.

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Hydroponics can be defined as; growing plants without using soil.Plants are supported in an inert medium, for example a rockwool cube, and are fed a nutrient solution. This nutrient solution contains all the elements a plant needs for healthy growth and so, rather than concentrating energy on searching for nutrition, the plant focuses all its energy on foliage and flower growth.

The plant takes as much or as little nutrient from the solution as it needs.

Growers that cultivate hydroponically have full control over their plants development. By feeding different levels of essential elements at different stages in the plants life cycle it is possible to accelerate root development, stimulate - or slow - vegetative growth, and then trigger and enhance flowering.

As well as constant availability of water and nutrient, plants grown hydroponically also have an abundant supply of oxygen to their roots.

This constant supply of oxygen, nutrient and water accelerates plant growth and leads to increased yields

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